About Us

We are one of the oldest indoor shooting ranges on this side of the city. Our friendly and competent staff, state-of-art shooting facilities entice not only the expert marksman but also the novice. Our premises are well ventilated and spacious. We have a separate shooting range for children; we believe in catching talent young.

Safety is a foremost priority and we ensure that the participants are safe at all times. The layout of our office and the shooting lanes are all planned with this key aspect in mind. We make sure that every entrant to the premises watches a video on the safety practices that are followed on the range. We always brief the participants on the etiquette of the place and emphasize on the need to be polite to one’s neighbors. We encourage our patrons to use safety gear during practice.


We inspect all guns and ammunition brought on the premises. Those who do not have their own can rent from us. We do not rent firearms to individuals below 18 years unless accompanied by an adult. We also offer classes on the weekends for those interested in learning to shoot. Our well-trained range officers are on the range at all times to guide you and protect you if need be. They are trained to offer CPR and to render first aid. We have trauma kits ready should a need arise.


We promise to make your day at our facility a fruitful and enjoyable one, everything that you need are available under our one roof. We have our own gun shop where our specialists will help you choose a weapon that meets your expertise and technique. Our coffee shop with our very special homemade scones are a favorite with the young and the old alike. To know more about us, do not hesitate to contact us.